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About Režisierius

About us

Lost between drama and romance – this is how a guest of “Režisierius” feels. Subtle luxury contrasts with rough architectural details: the interior creates scenography which arouses contradiction – love or doubt, sweet or sour, tenderness or rigor…

Exclusivity is the definition of “Režisierius”: interior, environment, music, and finally the presentation of dishes are all a perfect combination of consistency, ambition and perfection which through creative processes provide refined taste for every dish.

Food Scenario

“Grill sticks” are scewers of very high standard poultry, matured beef, duck, rabbit, seafood, vegetables grilled on coal with traditional Asian sauces “Yakitori”, “Teriyaki”, sweet’n’sour, homemade mayonnaise truffle or curry.

Sushi: more than 40 different kinds of sushi made from carefully selected high quality raw materials are presented with subtle luxury and exceptional aesthetics.

The “Režisierius” drink scenario is filled with fine selection of wines, champagne, brandy, cognac and other timeless and valued drinks.



  • Rachel Green
    € 2.50
    Miso soup with vegetables
  • Monica Geller
    € 3.00
    Miso soup with vegetables and chicken
  • Chandler Bing
    € 7.50
    Miso soup with vegetables and seafood
  • Ross Geller
    € 4.50
    Smoked salmon broth with fennel, green onion, seaweed, flying fish caviar
  • Joey Tribbiani
    € 4.50
    Spicy broth with stewed rabbit, grilled cabagges and rice


  • Lara Croft
    Fresh vegetable salad with home-made Teriyaki mayonnaise and a skewer of choice with chargrilled:
  • € 8.50
    Chicken fillet
  • € 8.50
    Chicken drumsrticks
  • € 12.50
    Aged beef tenderloin
  • € 9.50
    Duck breast
  • € 10.50
    Salmon fillet
  • € 10.50
    Tiger shrimps
  • Matte Painter
    € 6.50
    Beetroot and radish salad with goat cheese, roasted peanuts, raisins, honey and soy sauce
  • Jack Sparrow
    € 11.50
    Fresh vegetable salad, smoked fried tuna fillet, Wakame soy beans, honey and soy sauce

Cold Appetizers

  • Producer
    € 6.50
    Salmon Sashimi with Karai mayonnaise
  • Make Up Supervisor
    € 9.50
    Freshly smoked aged beef tenderloin with home made Teriyaki mayonnaise
  • Director
    € 7.50
    Karai salmon tartare
  • Operator
    € 8.50
    Freshly smoked duck breast with home-made Wasabi mayonnaise
  • Costume Designer
    € 9.50
    Aged beef tenderloin tartare with home-made Wasabi mayonnaise
  • Script Supervisor
    € 9.50
    Tuna Tartare with Wakame seaweed salad and spicy home – made Karai mayonnaise
  • Publicist
    € 7.50
    Low temperature matured salmon, pickled beets, burnt lime, home – made mayonnaise, Wasabi and seaweed oil
  • Line Producer
    € 7.50
    Low temperature matured tiger prawns, with fennel, tomatoes, chilli pepper, spicy home – made mayonnaise
  • Art Director
    Tuna Tataki with tomatoe, seaweed and chilli salsa

Hot Appetizers

  • Forrest Gump
    € 5.50
    Smoked fried Brie cheese with Japanese breadcrumbs, sweet and sour apricot and chilli jam
  • Travis Bickle
    € 3.00
    Roast potatoes with home made Wasabi mayonnaise
  • Boo Radley
    € 4.00
    Smoked fried Asian dumplings with:
  • Kevin Dulli
    € 2.50
    Chicken wing Stick’s with Yakitori sauce (2pcs.)

Appetizer Sets

Recommended With Wine

  • Set Designer
    € 8.00
      • Smoked fried Brie cheese with Japanese breadcrumbs, sweet and sour apricot and chilli jam
      • Sun-dried tomatoes with cherry Mozzarella
      • Leeks with Emental cheese and Serrano ham

Recommended With Beer

  • Illustrator
    € 6.50
      • Chicken wings with Teriyaki sauce
      • Onions in Japanese breadcrumbs with sweet and sour chilli sauce
      • Smoked fried Asian dumplings with spicy vegetables



  • Back to the Future (Vegan)
    € 5.5
    Sun-dried tomatoes, Wakame seaweed, bell pepper, avocado, zucchini, carrots, toasted sesame seeds, Unagi sauce
  • Green book
    € 6.00
    Zucchini tempura, Tamago omelette, cucumber, Philadelphia cream cheese, Wakame seaweed, tempura, avocado, bell pepper, home-made mayonnaise, Teriyaki sauce
  • The Pianist
    € 6.50
    Salmon, cucumber, Philadelphia cream cheese, tempura, toasted sesame seeds, avocado, home-made mayonnaise, Teriyaki sauce, spring onions
  • Faraon
    € 6.50
    Tiger shrimps tempura, avocado, home-made Teriyaki mayonnaise, toasted sesame seeds, fresh dill, tempura, chili pepper shavings, onion leaves
  • Oblivion
    € 6.50
    Avocado, carrots, Philadelphia cream cheese, chopped salmon with Teriyaki sauce, home-made chili-mango mayonnaise, tempura, toasted sesame seeds


  • Dragon ball
    € 7.50
    Tiger shrimp tempura, cucumber, toasted sesame seeds, avocado, home-made Teriyaki mayonnasie
  • Inception
    € 8.50
    Tamago omelette, tempura, Philadelphia cream cheese, spicy tuna, avocado, home-made chili-mango mayonnaise, Teriyaki sauce, flying fish roe, chili pepper shavings, spring onions, toasted hemp seeds
  • The Gold Rush
    € 9.00
    Tiger shrimp tempura, Philadelphia cream cheese, cucumber tartar with flying fish black roe, salmon, avocado, flying fish roe Orange, Teriyaki sauce, home-made Karai mayonnaise, home-made mango mayonnaise
  • Pirates of Caribbean
    € 9.50
    Tuna, Ebi shrimp, Philadelphia cream sauce, avocado, tempura, home-made orange-lime mayonnaise, toasted hemp seeds
  • Vulcano
    € 9.50
    Rice, snow crab meat, salmon tartare, home-made mayonnaise, avocado, tempura and flying fish roe
  • Dragon Ball
    € 6.50
    Rice, tiger shrimp tempura, home-made Teriyaki mayonnaise, cucumber and avocado
  • The Mummy
    € 9.50
    Rice, fried eel, tiger shrimp tempura, home-made Teriyaki mayonnaise, avocado and flying fish roe
  • The Terminator
    € 7.50
    Rice, snow crab meat, Ebi tiger shrimp, home-made mayonnaise, cucumber, tempura and flying fish roe
  • Pirates of Caribbean
    € 9.50
    Tuna fillet, Ebi Shrimps, Philadelphia cheese cream, avocado, home – made oranges mayonnaise, roasted cannabis seeds


  • The Mummy
    € 11.00
    Tiger shrimp tempura, fried eel, avocado, home-made Teriyaki mayonnaise, Unagi sauce, home-made mango mayonnaise, flying fish roe, chopped chili pepper
  • Shape of water
    € 11.50
    Soft-shell crab tempura, Ebi shrimp, avocado, zucchini, tempura, Philadelphia cream cheese, home-made orange-lime mayonnaise, Unagi sauce, tempura, garlic leaves
  • Bohemian Rhapsody (5pcs)
    € 12.50
    Soft-shell crab tempura, Philadelphia cream cheese, avocado, carrots, Unagi sauce, home-made chili-mayonnaise sauce, flying fish roe, spring onions
  • The Matrix
    € 5.50
    Salmon, cucumber, avocado, Philadelphia cream cheese, tempura, fresh dill
  • Drive
    € 6.00
    Salmon, sun-dried tomatoes, bell pepper, Philadelphia cream cheese, tempura
  • Gladiator
    € 6.50
    Grilled Portobello mushrooms, tempura, Philadelphia cream cheese, cucumber tartar with spicy Sriracha sauce
  • V for Vendeta
    € 8.00
    Fried tiger shrimps, eel, carrots, home-made chili-mayonnaise tempura, cucumber tartar

Sushi Nigiri

  • The Patriot
    € 1.50
    Avocado, Teriyaki sauce
  • Rocky
    € 2.00
  • Grand Torino
    € 2.50
    Ebi tiger shrimp
  • Jaws
    € 3.00
    Tuno fillet
  • Warrior
    € 3.50
    Eel, Unagi sauce, toasted sesame seeds

Grill Sticks


  • George Jung
    € 2.50
    Chicken breast
  • Pablo Escobar
    € 2.50
    Chicken breast in Tempura
  • Derek Foreal
    € 2.50
    Chicken breast in Japanease breadcrumbs
  • Diego Delgado
    € 2.30
    Chicken drumsticks


  • Frank Lucas
    € 4.00
    Duck breast


  • Chase Crawford
    € 4.00


  • Billy Batts
    € 4.70
    3 week maturation beef tenderloin


  • Jay Gatsby
    € 3.70
    Salmon fillet
  • Al Capone
    € 6.50
    Salmon fillet
  • Dr. Walter Perkins
    € 3.70
    Tiger shrimps
  • Dan Cody
    € 3.50
    Tiger shrimps in Japanese breadcrumbs


  • Dorian Tyrell
    € 1.60
    Champignons with red Cheddar cheese
  • Han Solo
    € 1.40
    Onions in Japanese breadcrumbs with sweet and sour chilli sauce
  • Philip Marlowe
    € 2.50
    Leeks with Emental cheese and Serrano ham
  • Stanley Ipkiss
    € 4.00
  • Mitch Kellaway
    € 4.50
    Asparagus with Serano ham
  • Irv Ripley
    € 3.00
    Sun-dried tomatoes with cherry Mozzarella


  • Sweet and sour tomato sauce
  • Yakitori sauce

  • Teriyaki sauce
  • Spicy sweet chilli sauce

  • Home-made Teriyaki mayonnaise
  • Spicy home-made Karai mayonnaise
  • Home-made truffles mushroom mayonnaise

Hot Side Dishes

  • Boiled Basmati rice
    € 1.20
  • Roast potatoes wedges
    € 1.50
  • Chargrilled rice cale
    € 1.20
  • Wasabi flavoured mashed potatoes
    € 1.50
  • Chargrilled Teriyaki vegetables
    € 2.00
  • Chargrillled rice sticks in Japanese breadcrumbs
    € 1.50
  • Roast potatoe straws
    € 1.50

Cold Side Dishes

  • Fresh vegetable salad with honey and soy dressing
    € 2.50
  • Sweet and sour chilli cucumbers and daikon radish with roasted sesame oil
    € 2.50
  • Beets with honey and soy dressing and sweet sour carrots
    € 2.00
  • Home - made pickled cabbage with roasted sesame oil and beets with honey and soy sauce
    € 2.00

Karšti patiekalai

  • Executive Producer
    € 22.00
    Three – weeks aged beef steak : Brioche bread and herb crumbs, burnt lemon and home – made seaweed butter
  • Head Carpenter
    € 7.50
    Smoke grilled chicken breast with Yakitori sauce, zucchini and mushrooms
  • Casting Director
    € 15.00
    Smoke grilled salmon steak with Teriyaki sauce, fennel, slow – dried tomatoes, burnt lime
  • Show Runner
    € 22.00
    Tuna fillet steak, smoked cauliflower puree, burnt sesame oil



  • Carrie Bradshaw
    € 3.50
    Three flavours Crème Brulee: vanilla, coffee and green tea
  • Charlotte York Goldenblatt
    € 4.50
    Home-made coconut cheesecake
  • Miranda Hobbes
    € 3.80
    Soy caramel ice cream with honey pickles, roasted peanuts and cinamon punk pulled bread

Rent of Spaces

We offer our restaurant space for corporate parties and other private celebrations.

We will create a festive food menu according to your needs. Choose from over 40 types of sushi, cold and hot appetizers, scewers with meat, seafood or vegetables acompanied by a variety of exotic sauces.

We provide all equipment which will set a mood to your party: DJ unit and all equipment; projectors.

How to Find Us


Address: Vilniaus g. 10, Kaunas

Phone: +370 616 44443


Opening Hours:
Sun – Thu 12:00 – 00:00
Fri – Sat 12:00 – 02:00